DWT Environmental Warden Winter 2016/17 Volunteer Task Dates

December 2016

Monday 5th – Warndon Wood, Worcester:

Our previous coppicing here has opened the canopy and spurred the hazel to leap into life but the new scrabble for light on the forest floor has seen a jungle of brambles take hold. We’ll be doing much needed clearance work today to give the young coppice regrowth a fighting chance.


Monday 12th – Warndon Wood, Worcester:

This week we will be continuing from last week’s coppicing work.


Monday 19th – No Task


Monday 26th– No Task.  We wish you all a peaceful festive season


January 2017

Monday 2nd – No Task


Monday 9th – Pitchcroft, Worcester:

Today we will be planting native English tree species as part of a national campaign by Trees for Cities (http://www.treesforcities.org).


Monday 16th – Monkwood Green:

Monkwood Green is situated to the west of Worcestershire, within the local parish of Grimley. The site is managed by the wildlife trust and a local community group. It is an open grassed area laden with ant hills and several ponds, the area has traditionally been grazed rather than mowed. This method has been beneficial in preserving the ant population. We will be supporting this project by removing gorse to allow for more diversity of vegetation.


Monday 23rd – Plantation Drive, Worcester:

Continuing last year’s work, we’ll be laying another stretch of hedge at this site. Our first task today is to prepare the hedge by removing unwanted growth and providing a clear path to begin laying.


Monday 30th – Plantation Drive, Worcester:

With plenty of opportunity to practise those pleacher cuts, today we’ll be getting the majority of the hedge down and begin staking with the hazel from our recent coppice work.


February 2017

Monday 6th – Plantation Drive, Worcester:

Today we’ll be using those carefully selected hazel binders from our coppicing in Warndon Wood to put the finishing touches to the new hedge.


Monday 13th – Millennium Green, Inkberrow:

This 8.5 acre site is managed by a local Trust and features ancient woodland, fields and a medieval moat and fish pond. This quintessential English village was the inspiration for The Archers and we’ll be working to clear vegetation to maintain access to the site. For more information and opportunities to volunteer with the Inkberrow Millennium Green Trust, please visit www.inkberrowmilgreen.co.uk


Monday 20th – Chapter Meadows, Worcester:

As long as the meadows are not under flood water, we will continue with our scrub clearance along some of the hedgerows and fence lines.


Monday 27th – Monkwood Green:

Today we will be continuing our support of the Monkwood Green project by clearing vegetation in and around the ponds.