Autumn 2015 Volunteer Task Dates

October 2015

Monday 5th - Tolladine Woods, Worcester:

As an important semi-urban green space, Tolladine Wood provides an important natural environment for wildlife and local residents alike. We will be rejuvenating a pond within the wood, cearing vegetation and re-profiling the pool to retain more water and support more wildlife.

Monday 12th - Perry Wood, Worcester:

For the wardens, coppicing really marks the start of our autumn and winter work schedule and today we are glad to be getting back into the swing of it. We will contuinue our rotation plan and begin work on the next "coupe", cutting hazel stools down to encourage re-growth while utilising the harvested materials for future hedge laying projects.

Monday 19th - Perry Wood, Worcester:

We aim to finish this section of coppice today, processing the hazel harvested last week to produce stakes and binders for up-coming traditional hedge laying.

Monday 26th - Chapter Meadows, Worcester:

Most of you will now be familiar with these meadows, which were purchased by the Trust in the 1990s to conserve the site's heritage and ensure that Worcester's residents always have access to this precious nature reserve. Cattle have been grazed here continuously for many centuries and the inevitable wear and tear caused by their presence needs our attention today.

November 2015

Monday 2nd - Chapter Meadows, Worcester:

Continuing last week's work here, we'll be clearing vegetation and improving access points around the site which is greatly appreciated by the increasing numbers of walkers who enjoy this spot.

Monday 9th - Lusty Glaze, Worcester:

Having managed this site on behalf of Worcester City Council for several years, we will be wrapping up the small nature reserve for winter, clearing scrub to consilidate our previous work which has drastically improved biodiversity here.

Monday 16th - Warndon Wood, Worcester:

Our previous coppicing here has opened the canopy and spurred the hazel to leap into life but the new scrabble for light on theforest floor has seen a jungle of brambles take hold. We'll be doing much needed clearance work today to give the young coppice regrowth a fighting chance.

Monday 23rd - Warndon Wood, Worcester:

Following last week's work, we are moving on to this year's coupe. Bill hooks and bow saws at the ready; let's get coppicing!

Monday 30th Warndon Wood, Worcester:

Our final week at this site, we'll bring our autumn tasks to a close as we finish coppicing any remaining stools and process our hazel into useable material for future projects.