BBCH&W Proud to Pick special event in August

The BBC Hereford and Worcester #ProudtoPick campaign was launched in May 2021 with the aim to mobilise the 2 Counties residents to pick up 8000 bags of litter across Herefordshire and Worcestershire this summer, that's one bag of litter for every 100 people in H&W.

Between Saturday August 14th and Sunday August 22nd the #ProudToPick campaign is hoping to encourage volunteers to help their local groups tidy up an area which has been ruined by litter.

Do you know about a grot spot? Could you nominate one?  It could be a corner of a park or woods which has been used as a dumping ground, a section of river or an area tucked away where people have chucked their stuff for years.

Organise a clean up. BBC H&W will promote it, DWT can provide litter picking equipment through their loan servcie or ask your local councils for help and get as many volunteers together as possible.  BBCH&W will come down and feature the clean up on the radio and, hopefully, send a presenter to help out!

Let BBCH&W broadcast journalist Nicola Goodwin know of your nominated grot spot and the preferred day for the clean up - details below.

Fill in a DWT Equipment Loan Form to book equipment to use for the days event.

Lets get those 8000 bags of litter off our streets and out of our green spaces!


Nicola Goodwin

Broadcast Journalist

BBC Hereford and Worcester

07711 348849