The challenging events of the Corona virus pandemic and lockdowns have provided an opportunity for all of us to spend more time in our local area, helping us to appreciate and value the places we live. It has also given us a unique opportunity to reflect on the declining environmental standards of our communities, to notice the litter and dog fouling that we might otherwise have passed by. 

DWT can help you tackle the blight of litter in your local area and give purpose to your daily exercise, with adult and children sized equipment sets available for temporary loan for one off community events, or a long term loan upon registering on our volunteer litter warden scheme (VLWS).

Our equipment sets are worth £40 to our charity and are sourced locally from Helping Hands Environmental in Ledbury. If you are able to fund your sets personally then Helping Hands Environmental have an online shop to buy from directly.

Please note: There maybe a delay on new registrations due to the part time furloughing of staff. We will be in touch as soon as we are able.

DWT Volunteer Litter Warden Scheme

Our volunteer litter warden scheme supports volunteers who wish to clean up their local area and green space. The scheme has been running for over 15 years and currently has over 250 active volunteers.

The litter wardens often litter pick their own residential areas or areas close to their place of work, and the Trust truly appreciates this practical action. If you are interested in becoming a litter warden we provide advice and support and also the equipment that you will require to get started.  

During this time of the Corona pandemic litter contaminated with Covid-19 could potentially spread the virus back to humans by infecting animals which come into contact with it. Whilst this is another great reason to remove litter, it also means that people must exercise extreme caution when dealing with discarded rubbish. DWT provides PPE equipment to minimise this risk and safety notes on Covid-19.

The equipment can be provided for an individual, family group or community group. The equipment set includes a litter picker (adult or child) a handi hoop (not for child use), black bags, reusable washable gloves (adult or child) and a Hi-Viz jacket.

The cost of each set is approx £40 per person. We provide free equipment as volunteering and community action should be accessible to all regardless of income, but if you can donate anything towards the cost of equipment or the running of the scheme it would be gratefully received. Please click on the SUPPORT US link in the menu to donate.

As a litter warden you can only litter pick on public land, unless you get permission for private land from the land owner. Under 16's need to be accompanied by a trusted adult.The Hi Viz jacket proves you are volunteering and prevents you from being accused of fly tipping when leaving full bags of litter by a Council bin.

We also keep you informed of volunteer and litter related news and events by email.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ever growing team of litter heroes!

Litter Equipment Loan Service

DWT also provides a free equipment loan service to community groups that would like to organise a one off group litter pick to join in with national campaigns such as World Clean Up Day, Blitz The Butt Day or Keep Britain Tidy's Great British Spring Clean. 

Please download the Event Safety guidelines and loan form below. Return the completed Equipment Loan form by email to or post to The Pump House Environment Centre. Details are provided on the form for your reference.

All litter picking equipment will have been sterilised when given out on loan and quarantined and sanitised upon return. 

NO disposable gloves will be supplied as these single use items are a litter hazard. All community group litter pick participants should provide their own gloves and/or hand sanitiser.

For further information please contact the Volunteer and Community Coordinator on 01905 730601 or email or download a registration form below and email it to our volunteer coordinator.